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These are not Muziq [Album]

These are not Muziq [Album]
Oct 1, 2006
Oct 1, 2006

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      Aborted Foetus

      02:26 / 12:58

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      05;Flight of the Yameil Jyuravli (sick crane)

      Artist name;oVdk & Bunk Datayyyyyyyyyyyyoutubevideo
      Album;dw066 - oVdk & Bunk Data -- Discourse of the Other
      songtitle05;Flight of the Yameil Jyuravli (sick crane)

      Expanding on their collaborative efforts demonstrated on the Atmoworks label, Japanese sound artist Ovdk (ryuta.k) and Bunk Data (Nathan Larson) return with a release focused on a term about unspecified voices and alienated conversations, beyond one's conscious control. These soundscapes always include the theme, ''.

      ...we cannot always have our own awareness about self-Discourse...

      Now on sale:
      store;amazon,itunes,mp3 stuff

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      OKキャンセル または
      • They seems used retrogarde tequniq,various images such as bacon,malevich,
        popvich,lacan ,sheme L,duchamp...etc,
        world music meets experimental post sampling digital manupilatmuziq.
        it worth nominated best dark ambient grammy 2010(if it was exist)huhuhuhu

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      disquiet new review001

      oVdk & Bunk Data: Discourse of the Other (MP3s) Dread is rarely as efficient, as sacrosanct, and as suggestive as it is on Discourse of the Other, a collaborative seven-cut album by oVdk and Bunk Data. The record is a sequence of stark gray audio, tracks of manipulated voices (along with other sonic material) that strain to be comprehended. In “Feel Thier Präcoxgefuhl,” the constricted neigh of a horse is more understandable than anything uttered by the muffled minions heard throughout; the hushed voices sound like rough, chaotic crowds — bringing to mind the rushing mall-like prisons of THX-1138, or the nightmarish totalitarian society of 1984 (MP3). By contrast, “Flight of the Yameil Jyuravli” has a serenity to it, but it’s a serenity whose prevailing mode is that of resoluteness — it’s the serene in stark contrast to the prevailing world; the tones are attenuated, the feeling that of ritual atonement, but it’s shot through with tension and a feeling of foreboding (MP3). Those are just two of the album’s seven tracks. Full release at More on oVdk  , and on Bunk Data at

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      StillStream Featured Releases

      StillStream Featured Releases
      Kyzyl to Samarkand
      by Sara Ayers and Ryuta.K
      (April 30, 2009) - One of the most profound and hardest-hitting
      ambient releases of 2008 was this dark and ethereal collaboration
      by two of the genre's greatest voices, vocal ambient artist Sara Ayers
      and dark ambient artist Ryuta.K. And what a stunning release it is.
      It just doesn't get any better than this, and we are proud to feature
      an album with such a distinctive artistic vision. Simply some of the most beautiful,
      foreboding ambient music we have ever heard.&
      schizopoiesis kunst
      Records of the Year 2008/NO.3
      No.1The Drift
      by Scott Walker
      Label: 4AD
      Genre :Experimental music,leftfield
      No.2Black Sea
      by Fennesz
      Genre :Glith/ambient
      No.3kyzyl to samarkand
      by Ryuta.k+sara ayers
      Label:Dark wood Records
      Genre :Ambient / leftfield/Pagan                                                    

                              Tags: ambient, Ayers, circle, kunst, Kyzyl, magic, pagan, Ryuta.K, Samarkand, Sara                   



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      Introducing Sarai


      About Sarai

      Sarai is a programme of the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, (CSDS) one of India’s leading research institutes with a commitment to critical and dissenting thought and a focus on critically expanding the horizons of the discourse on development, particularly with reference to South Asia. We are a coalition of researchers and practitioners with a commitment towards developing a model of research-practice that is public and creative, in which multiple voices express and render themselves in a variety of forms.


      How Sarai Happened

      Sarai began to take shape in the summer of            1998 in Delhi.
      The summer of '98 was a time for many new beginnings in the city of Delhi. The nineties had been a decade marked by doubt and rethinking on many fronts, all of which seemed to have come to a head for some of us during that summer.


      Sarai: One Year in The Public Domain

      Monica Narula
      Television and New Media, Vol 3. No 4, Nov 2002

      City Sounds


      diF( Konrad Bayer + ISh) diF is a duo of Konrad Bayer and ISh (from dbase). They are collaborating to make some music with influences of classical to electronica layered together on a bed of experimentation. Its aim is to promote a vision of post sampling kinetic nonhierarchical nonlinear nonequilibrium music.

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            Sujet A venir/VA-CDR-[DPCDR-141]  

                販売価格: 1,200円         (税込)                    

      ★試聴出来ます♪ジャケットをクリックして下さい。real audioなどがが必要です。★


      Compilation CDR 第弾!!Ambient,Experimental,electronicaまで7tracks収録。

      artist/song title
      1Overdose kunst
      -Down in Ganymedes.
      how east Chukotka.
      3Mark Tamea -
      Glacial Reflection One. 
      4Neue yapon Kunst
      -baba yaga.
      5Overdose Kunst
      -Planck long death.
      6Jad fair(Half japanese)
      7Neue yapon Kunst
      - post ancient lament.

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      A Contemplation of a Serious Matter

      The full title Ives originally gave the piece was "A Contemplation of a Serious Matter" or "The Unanswered Perennial Question". His biographer Jan Swafford called it "a kind of collage in three distinct layers, roughly coordinated."[1] The three layers involve the scoring for a string quartet, woodwind quartet, and solo trumpet. Each layer has its own tempo and key. Ives himself described the work as a "cosmic landscape" in which the strings represent "the Silences of the Druids—who Know, See and Hear Nothing." The trumpet then asks "The Perennial Question of Existence" and the woodwinds seek "The Invisible Answer", but abandon it in frustration, so that ultimately the question is answered only by the "Silences".

      Ives polished the score in 1908, then from 1930-1935 he worked on a version of The Unanswered Question for orchestra. The premiere performance of this version occurred on May 11, 1946, played by a chamber orchestra of graduate students at the Juilliard School and conducted by Theodore Bloomfield. The same concert featured the premieres of Central Park in the Dark and String Quartet No. 2. The original version of the work was not premiered until March 1984, when Dennis Russell Davies and the American Composers Orchestra performed it in New York City. (Mortensen 2005)

      [edit] Views

      Linda Mack called The Unanswered Question "a study in contrasts. Strings intone slow diatonic, triadic chords; a solo trumpet asks the question seven times; the flutes try to answer the question, each time getting more and more agitated and atonal." Leonard Bernstein added in his 1973 Norton lecture which borrowed its title from the Ives work that the woodwinds are said to represent our human answers growing increasingly impatient and desperate, until they lose their meaning entirely. Meanwhile, right from the very beginning, the strings have been playing their own separate music, infinitely soft and slow and sustained, never changing, never growing louder or faster, never being affected in any way by that strange question–and–answer dialogue of the trumpet and the woodwinds.[1] Bernstein also talks about how the strings are playing tonal triads against the trumpet's non tonal phrase. In the end, when the trumpet asks the question for the last time, the strings “are quietly prolonging their pure G-major triad into eternity” (Bernstein 1976, 269). This piece graphically represents the 20th century dichotomy of both tonal and non tonal music going on at the same time.

      Another view of the piece was written by Jan Swafford:

      The ‘cosmic landscape’ of The Unanswered Question, a trumpet repeatedly poses ‘the eternal question of existence’ against a haunting background of strings, finally to be answered by an eloquent silence. By that work of 1906, Ives was over half a century ahead of his time, writing in collage-like planes of contrasting styles. In 1951, the Polymusic Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Will Lorin, first recorded the piece.[2]

      Henry and Sidney Cowell add that silence in the form of soft slow-moving concordant tones widely spaced in the strings move through the whole piece with uninterrupted placidity. After these tones have establish their mood, loud wind instruments cut through the texture with a dissonant raucous melody that ends with the upturned inflection of the Question.[3]

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      In the middle of late capitalism

      In the middle of late capitalism
      Overdose kunst's dark side ;ryuta.k's new stuff,
      Title; In the middle of late capitalism ;established
      "Heavient"(Heavy ambient) from Great Net label darkwinter.
      It is said that His attempt with tweaking digital knob
      always seach singularity point near Noos theory or
      trans-modern theory but always That is to say,
      "Post sampling kinetic nonhierarchical
      nonlinear nonequilibrium forth world muziq!"
      Track 01 's last treated siritori-ryuou.Itao-ryuou!
      Track 02 is boring for me compared with megaptera,
      merzbow,fennesz,pita,vangelis cyberpunk stuff.
      But Track 03 and Track 05 sounds worth of name "Heavient".
      we got complex physics feeling with these.
      Track 04 got different style rather same as
      enigma or dead can danse , world music style.
      In the middle of late capitalism,
      we got Ghost dread denyed's us.
      Review by Makryham

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      Un Nuit Dystopia/Hommage Michel Foucault

      Album title;
      Un Nuit Dystopia/Hommage Michel Foucault
      (VA)Artist---song list:
      1.Makryham--Raymond Roussel:Dysphoria
      2.Bunk Data--From Foucault's pleasure
      3.Kol sonzlgn--Neue  Panopticon
      4.sara ayers-La Tache politique actuelle
      5.Ergo phizmiz-Mystery of Hadness
      6.Henry Gwiazda-TheOtherwilderness
      7.Ryuta.k-Truth got broken since May 68
      (Toward pan-tonal world music)
      1to7 ;48.8 minutes


      Makryham is experimental artist
      who is inspired by Herbert Marshall McLuhan

      2.Bunk Data
      Duluth-Minnesota native Nathan Larson has been creating
      various forms of electronic and experimental music for over
      12 years under the names Samsa, Bunk Data, and Royal Obtuse.
      Nathan was one of the co-founders of the Green House Music label
      that released a wide variety of atmospheric and ambient music on
      CD from 1999-2002. In late 2002 Nathan created the Dark Winter
      net.label with a focus on dark ambient music. Besides his work
      with Dark Winter, Nathan is co-curating the Wandering Ear
      net.label with Mike Hallenbeck abd the Rotten Crab net.label .

      3.Kol sonzlgn
      Dark experimental  schizo
      usyukuro marxist band "Kol sonzlgn"
      Their moto;
      No music our life.
      not cummunist but marxists.
      we want only reach Kol sonzlgn
      (Body without organic)
      But it means Death.
      But All schizod will happen.

      4.sara ayers
      Sara Ayers is an ambient music artist who uses
      her voice as a sound source. The Chemical Brothers used
      samples of Ayers' "Everyday We Die a Little" on their song
      "Come Inside" from their album Push the Button. VH1 used samples
      of "Angel #3" for the soundtrack of Behind the Music: Britney Spears.
      And the Russian electronic trio Figura constructed an entire album,
      The Sara Ayers Remixes, around her vocals.

      5.Ergo phizmiz
      Ergo Phizmiz is a diverse and multifaceted artist,
      working across eccentric pop music, collage, radio-art,
      installations, and performance. His work is disseminated
      and presented globally on a regular basis across platforms
      and media, and his reputation as a typesetter and creative explorer
      is constantly growing.

      6.Henry Gwiazda
      Henry Gwiazda (b. 1952, silent i) is a composer who
      specializes in virtual audio, the simulation of a three
      dimensional sound space in either headphones or precisely
      positioned speakers. He composes what may be called musique concrète,
      using samples usually without "tinker[ing]" with them.
      His most easily available music is on the CD noTnoTesnoTrhyThms,

      tokyo-chiba based experimental musician ryuta.k(aka RYU)
      releases mostly freeform ambient and experimental muziq 
      since 97 with powerbookG4 ,max/msp,etc.
      Also he has learning post modern Structuralism or Philosophy
      or modern art(art&Technology),modernscience .
      He calls The genre of fishy music he made
      Post sampling kinetic nonhierarchical nonlinear nonequilibrium forth world muziq !

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      Kafka Amazon




      Buy Album

      Kafka/Toward minor trivial

      See larger image


                                                 5.0 out of 5 stars See all reviews (1 customer review)                                                                                                                  
      • Original Release Date: May 1, 2008
      • Format: MP3, 256 kbps What's this?




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      Product Details

      • Original Release Date: May 1, 2008
      • Label: Doppelganger
      • Copyright: 2008 Doppelganger
      • Genres: Dance & DJ/World Dance
      • ASIN: B001I8CNJY
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      Most Helpful Customer Reviews
              5.0 out of 5 stars         CD;Kafka/Toward minor trivial, October 22, 2008       
      By usyukuro "usyukuro" (Seattle)  - See all my reviews
      CD;Kafka/Toward minor trivial Title looks like
      Kafka: Toward a Minor Literature.
      These music includes various
      Genre Style: International,
      Folk Singer-Songwriter, Alternative,
      Easy Listening, Electronic Ambient,
      Middle East, 20th Century ,Etc
      First track Yozef.k was pulled from
      Kafka novel 1925,Der Prozeß,By
      dark experimentalista postmoden schizo
      marxist band "Kol sonzlgn".
      this song is heavy but Toward world music.
      Secnd dark ambient track
      False Ring Answered
      was also pulled from Kafka novel
      By (Gregory) Samsa or bunk data.
      Eno style 's Fifth track has
      something between Kafka thing
      and Autopoiesis thing.
      was Name Makryham   influenced from
      Herbert Marshall McLuhan?
      3or4,6 seems nothing with kafka.
      But we can enjoy Newest style
      such fennesz meets Jeff Buckley.
      7 track modern clasical
      has something between Kafka thing
      and radiohead thing.
      Let us know what you think.

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